Features of the laboratory

A laboratory equipped with the best medical equipment for the dental industry

Continuing follow-up

The laboratory is in Continuing follow-up with the medical centers after submitting their applications.

Great experience

Taking advantage of the great experience of our specialized team to implement all the requirements of the medical centers.

regularity in Appointments

We are continuously committed to delivering the work

About The Center

We in the laboratory work to produce all that suits our customers and help them in drawing beautiful smiles, relying on a team of laboratory technicians with great experience in the industry Dental where we produce in our laboratory all the materials and intentions of the teeth within the international standards and of European origin
In our laboratory, regular metals, precious metals and titanium substrates are produced using original products. We manufacture all types of propellants, whether titanium or zircon, and design various gums using Cad-Cam

Our Business

Our business attests to us ....

Our Services

The dental laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment that are of the highest standard in the region and are managed by qualified technicians to provide convenient services such as sample collection, rapid reporting and immediate diagnosis.

Ceramic on metal

Our laboratory uses world-quality minerals free of substances harmful to oral tissues

IVOCLAR injection system

For higher aesthetics and more natural teeth, our system allows us to make full crowns and ceramic scales (Vinner with thickness 0.6 – Luminaire 0.3 ).


The blocks that we use to produce a zirconium infrastructure enable us to obtain a break resistance strength of 1800 MPa, obtain biological compatibility with oral tissues, resist corrosion, obtain light permeability and higher aesthetics.

Snape Smile

Hollywood Smile is called the mobile pen without the need to hide or need to cool the teeth within one day to rearrange teeth and make teeth more beautiful in addition to the possibility of a lighter color of teeth and hide defects.

Our team

Certificates recognized globally

Ehaab Salmo

Ehaab Salmo

Dental Reparations

Graduate of Damascus University Faculty of Dentistry, Department Of Dental Reparations


0090 552 316 81 66


Muaz Radwan

Dental Technician

Experience over six years in the field of work.


0090 539 881 91 63

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